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Being independent of oil or gas- just a dream? No. At Baufritz we declare it possible! - With our Baufritz sun house. A complete solar system can – seen over the whole year - provide two-thirds of the heating for your home. Only the remaining one-third will you need to heat yourself. The sun house is the alternative to houses that are heated with fossil fuels. But that's not all: As the eco house pioneers we also guarantee an ecological and healthy construction - down into the details of the house, for example in the domestic technology. Such complete solutions only come from us - our official seals prove it!

Store heat instead
of electricity

With a solar house you are your own energy supplier. While the neighbours complain about high gas and oil prices, you will be heating nearly self-sufficiently your Baufritz home. The solar house principle is based mainly on three components: a solar heating system, a hot-water stratified storage tank and a booster heater. With Baufritz you are ideally positioned for the future.

of a sun house

  • Highly insulating building
  • Energy requirements for heating and hot water covered to at least 50% from solar energy (solar panels)
  • Annual primary energy needs 5 to 15 kWh (m²a)
  • At least 45 degrees inclined southern roof surface
    (alternatively steeply elevated thermal solar system)
  • A water storage integrated in the house (layered heat storage)
Source: Ratgeber bauen 02/13

Example of a Baufritz sun house