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Energy Efficient House Designs

Photovoltaics, solar thermal or perhaps a heat pump? Baufritz will establish what suits your energy concept best, using all modern domestic technology, keeping an eye on costs and planning restrictions, as well as the local conditions.
With a Baufritz home you will play an active part in protecting the
environment, conserving resources and even saving energy costs in doing so.

The Baufritz energy concepts

Our energy concepts are as diverse and individual as our customers themselves. That's why we do not specialize in one method, but are specialists for all healthy, ecological and modern energy concepts. Are you unsure if a photovoltaic system makes sense on your property? Or whether geothermal energy is possible? Together with you, Baufritz will find the most appropriate solution for your home and your financial possibilities.


In condensing technology gas is converted to heat. In addition, the condensation heat from the resulting gases is used. The total energy consumption is reduced by up to 20 %.
Reducing your energy consumption.


In this energy concept, a pump delivers  surface-geothermal heat from the plot into the property at an average of 10°C upwards. The extracted geothermal heat is then used by the heat pump for heating and for hot water.
Low operating costs and clean energy from geothermal energy.


A solar system captures solar heat, that is then stored in a hot water heater or heating buffer tank. In this way about two-thirds of the energy needed is produced for hot water and about 5% are generated for heating.
Energy production without CO2 emissions!


With a photovoltaic system, the required current is produced by solar energy. Any unused electricity can be stored in a battery or fed into the public grid, generating income.
Nature as an energy supplier, a worthwhile investment.


All Baufritz houses are fitted with the unique wood shavings insulation HOIZ. The energy consumption of our homes is 40% lower than the legally required minimum according to the German energy saving regulation (EnEV). In addition, the organic insulation guarantees a healthy, chemical-free indoor climate. In summer, HOIZ keeps the temperature in the house pleasantly cool and in winter keeps it warm.
A vast reduction of your energy consumption and a healthy living environment.


An air source heat pump draws energy for heating and hot water from the ambient air. Lower acquisition cost is offset by a slightly lower efficiency than geothermal systems.
Simple planning, extremely space efficient and free connection. Ideal for homes without basements.


With the supply of environmentally friendly natural gas the pioneering fuel cell, using special electrodes, produces heat and electricity.
Your advantage, apart from high efficiency, is that no maintenance is necessary, since it is a closed system.
Save money in an intelligent and fully automated way!

Residential ventilation - maximise fresh air,
minimise costs

The intelligent CO2 on-demand ventilation from Baufritz turns on automatically when indoor air quality deteriorates, saving approximately one third of the heating energy. Several  fans regulate the replacement of the used air by fresh air which is richer in oxygen.
 Save money the smart way- automatically!

Healthy LED lighting

With the world's first virtually flicker-free LED lighting we have developed modern, environmentally friendly and pleasantly warm-coloured LED lights, which fit our standards for healthy living. They persuade with their 50,000 hours of luminosity, a very long service life with low energy consumption. In addition, the light bulb is mercury-free and creates only minor electrical fields.
The Baufritz health-friendly light has already been awarded the "reddot design award".