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Reducing energy consumption and CO2.

Enhancing quality of life and health naturally. That's Baufritz!

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Energy efficiency - in a nutshell

Be independent of price fluctuations through your energy supplier with a Baufritz- EnergyPlus house. And even more: With your EnergyPlus house you may post surplus energy at the end of each year into the grid.
There is hardly anything more ecological than it. The Baufritz solar house meets all the standards of a classic solar house. Save in the long-term by deploying solar energy and renewable energy. With Baufritz you have arrived in the future.

The Baufritz passive house exceeds your expectations! Save money through our patented, organic insulation HOIZ!


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Your dream of freedom in all energy matters – it can become a reality here and now! With the self-sufficient house from Baufritz your home becomes your own energy supplier and electricity storage. In your own home you are almost free of electricity, gas and heating costs.

A fitting solution
for every site

As a pioneer of ecological house-building, we offer the full range of options for efficient energy use. Whether photovoltaic, pellet heating systems, heat pumps, fuel cells, internal current storage or solar thermal systems - our offer is as diverse as our clients and their houses themselves. And even the absolute world premiere from the Baufritz research team - a healthy, virtually flicker-free LED light - you can be a pioneer with us. With Baufritz you combine cutting-edge technology and ecological construction in one.



Nature as a valuable
building material!

We are the pioneers of healthy building. Natural materials are our main raw materials. We take them from sustainable sources. By using renewable natural materials we and you as our customer are employing a long-term strategy that saves vast amounts of climate damaging CO2.

Nuclear power,
no thank you!

We do not only talk about ecology, we live it ourselves! Since 2007 we have been using natural electricity from renewable sources. We produce more than 50% of energy needs with large-scale photovoltaic plants at our operational and production facilities. Natural power goes without saying for us.