Mulit-Family House Münch

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Mulit-Family House Münch

1/8 - exterior view
  • Mehrfamilienhaus aus Holz Mulit-Family House Münch - Prefabricated house
  • Individuell geplantes Mehrfamilienhaus Mulit-Family House Münch - Timber house
  • bedroom - Mehrfamilienhaus Mulit-Family House Münch - Timber home
  • interior view - Mehrparteienhaus Mulit-Family House Münch - Prefabricated house
  • living room - Mehrfamilienhaus aus Holz Mulit-Family House Münch - Timber house
  • dining room - Individuell geplantes Mehrfamilienhaus Mulit-Family House Münch - Timber home
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Oliver Engelhardt
Oliver Engelhardt
"Our eco-friendly 'Münch' building stands out for its pared-down, coherent design and innovative building services. A combined heat and power plant runs on natural gas, generating cost- and energy-efficient heat and electricity for all four homes. Solar panels on the building's low-pitched roof generate additional electricity. In summer, the generous balcony and terraced areas invite residents to live al fresco. Prominent glazed areas flood the open living and dining area with light, granting unobstructed views into the natural environment beyond. The individual units don't impose on one another: separate entrance areas plus optimum soundproofing and privacy screening make for easy interactions."

House data

External Dimension 15,66 x 11,91 m
Living Space 263,46 m² (DIN)

Additional information

Multi-Family House münch



The Münch block in Coburg has modern fittings, open staircases with wood panelling and 37cm thick external walls. The owner is one of Baufritz's architect partners, who has developed multi-family housing with a distinctive identity. His key concern was for secure capital investment, and this building ticks all his boxes. It's easy to maintain and care for, efficient, healthy to live in and above all energy-saving.


On the outside of the 263m² building, wood is varnished a natural silver colour; inside, four flats provide ample living space. Two of the flats have one bedroom, and the other two have two. Construction in cubes takes the architecture back to basics here. Yet this build also looks to the future: the square block with its low-pitched roof retains the option of adding an additional storey.
The grey wooden façade ties in well with the form of the building to present a sleek, timeless appearance and blend seamlessly with its natural environment. Stairs to the first-floor flats are outside the main body of the building, to save space inside. Yet the entrance area and stairs are roofed over, ensuring residents can still reach their front doors under cover. On the sides of the building, slatted wooden cladding not only protects against the elements but also adds to the interesting design. The vertical slats play a captivating game with light and shade as people walk past.
All the interiors are fitted out with premium-quality materials. Warm, light colours reinforce the building's light-touch style. Locating the stairwell outside the building means all four apartments' bathrooms can have external windows. All apartments have an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, and floor-to-ceiling French windows give direct access to the terrace or balcony. The one-bed apartments also have a bathroom and bedroom. In addition to a master bedroom, the two-bed apartments boast a family bathroom with elegant white colour scheme, and two further rooms which might serve as a children's bedroom and a study.


Multi-family dwellings by timber building experts Baufritz also employ our tried and tested 37cm thick 'Voll-Werte-Wand', with the now-familiar refined wood shavings as insulation. Environmental medicine experts recommend our Xund-E radiation protection layer, which of course is included in the price.
The choice of heating system is a gas-powered combined heat and power plant which covers most of the electricity demand. A solar PV plant on the building's roof generates additional electricity, with a capacity of 21kWp. The building even helps improve the global climate, as it actively reduces CO2 emissions. This timber build locks in over 50 tonnes of CO2. That's equivalent to the emissions from a mid-class car travelling 10,000km a year for 20 years.