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Multi-Family Houses

Want to invest in your future by building multi-family housing? Want to protect your own health and that of your fellow residents or future tenants? Whether you're investing as a business or private individual, you can rely on Baufritz, the pioneers of healthy living eco-builds, to provide professional design, planning and construction services. Baufritz's genuine quality not only guarantees true sustainability and environmental protection, but also ensures your property will gain value in the long term and provide financial security.

We can offer multi-family homes in several architectural styles, which can then be fine-tuned further to meet all your requirements. Our architects and the entire team can contribute a wealth of experience. Trust is important to us, that's why we offer you transparent costs and a firm schedule. Baufritz are a safe pair of hands for your multi-family homebuilding project.
HINT: Building an organic, certifiably healthy multi-family dwelling also means making a highly futureproof investment. In so doing, you will tap into whole new markets for demanding homebuyers and reliable tenants.

Capital investment –
in good health

Have you thought of investing directly, not via a property fund? After all, you need to know exactly what lies behind your capital investment. With a Baufritz property you are investing in environmental, multi-family homebuilding that offers financial security over the long term.
Our healthy building projects leave nothing to chance! At your request, we can supply a detailed 'health check' on your plot at the initial analysis stage.
Are you concerned about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your building? Then just say no! With a Baufritz build you will enjoy built-in electrosmog protection.

The Baufritz
full-service package

Your investment is in safe hands: we'll help you think everything through. How about minimising the cost of land and building vertically rather than horizontally? We'll help you find the perfect solution, be it a semi-detached home, a terrace or an apartment block. We pledge to meet your requirements and keep to your costs.
We're happy to look into the building regulations for your plot before we meet to discuss the many planning options available. We can even help you market the properties we build, using our wealth of multimedia experience.

Many generations under one roof

Have you ever wanted to build yourself an accessible ground floor flat with an idyllic garden? How about having your children and grandchildren live on the first floor? It's time to make dreams a reality – with a Baufritz multi-family home. From step-free access to child-friendly, Baufritz love to build according to your own individual needs and wishes.
HINT: This is a safe investment. Selling or renting out healthy-living apartments will give you a healthy bank balance!

Many families under one roof
The benefits stack up!

Highly secure investment

Get on board with Baufritz for an easy ride. Perfect building systems with tailored expansion and add-on modules provide a guarantee of great quality. Our method is based on experience, speed and quality so your build will progress quickly. Would you like a wind and watertight building within days? Would you like to minimise risks associated with weather and moisture? Saying 'yes' to Baufritz means innovative quality, down to the final details, plus a secure build.

Bridging finance

A build that progresses quickly means shorter bridging loans and closer move-in dates. After all, time is money. Baufritz can provide convenient, sustainable financing through its ethical bank as well as preferential conditions for sustainable builds that protect the climate.

Exemplary grey energy

Now with added futureproofing! Baufritz will turn your multi-family dwelling into an opportunity for climate protection, thanks to great carbon sequestration and huge reductions in CO2 emissions over the long term. You will be able to see in black and white the grey energy used (the energy required to produce a material): we supply a carbon passport for each building. This could be increasingly important in future when it comes to reselling the property. Even now, Baufritz buildings meet futuristic demands in terms of sustainable building and climate protection.

Energy efficiency

Are you planning to build a multi-family dwelling to Minergie, Minergie A or Minergie P standards? We can develop a unique and optimal energy efficiency concept for your building based on the aspect, projected energy expended and building regulations.

A for Analysis

We provide a service that starts with analysis. Does your project include the partial renovation or demolition of an existing building? Would it be worth renovating? Which options for your plot could obtain planning permission? Here at Baufritz we will analyse your investment, costs and plot.

Talk to us and move one step closer to completion!
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Invest in your own green future
Value added by Baufritz

Keep radiation
at bay

All Baufritz buildings are fitted with our own patented electrosmog protection. This comes at no extra, hidden cost. What a way to increase the value of your property! A study by German real estate agents' association RDM has shown that properties close to sources of electromagnetic radiation risk a 10-15% drop in value. Investing in a Baufritz property with built-in radiation protection is a healthy, savvy and worthwhile investment in your future.

Healthy indoor air – guaranteed

Baufritz builds are guaranteed! Every build is certified by external bodies as containing only high-quality, medically endorsed materials and insulation. And Baufritz are the ones who pay for these guarantees.

Our sustainable building method protects the climate – guaranteed

When you choose Baufritz, your building will be sustainable and good for the environment. We provide the building passport to prove it! Your 'green building' will increase in value, say experts including the Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CCRS) at the University of Zurich.

Research into the trend for healthy buildings

A study into future trends states that health tops the list of Germans' concerns. This indicates healthy homebuilding and green properties will be increasingly popular in years to come – which means the value of your Baufritz building will also grow.
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