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Plus Energy House Wriedt

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Plus Energy House Wriedt

Unterallgäu | Germany
1/8 - exterior view
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Oliver Engelhardt
Oliver Engelhardt
"Compact and energy optimized. Those were the two key aspects in the planning of this PlanAlong-house in Unterallgäu. The largest feature is the white climate-protection roof, which not only provides a unique design, but also contributes to reducing global warming. The bright roof easily reflects the sun's radiation back into space. The PlanAlong architecture can be extended by a single-storey cube that can be used as an office. This layout, along with the garage, creates an out-of-view terrace. Because the house technology takes very little space, the design can easily be implemented, even without having a basement."

House data

External Dimensions 11.95 x 8.83 m
Living Space 1915 ft²
PV-system 592 ft²
heat pump