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Buckinghamshire | England
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Peter Cox
Peter Cox
"A family history of hay fever and asthma led the owners of house Screech-Dean to pursue a house with a "healthy atmosphere". Attracted by Baufritz's eco-credentials, they commissioned Baufritz to design and build a house on their large site. Restricted to the footprint of an existing building on the 25 acre plot, Baufritz increased the size of the building by adding a basement level and an additional level above ground. The result is a bespoke country house design with large rooms that fully utilizes the space available. The contemporary rear façade of the house, which features a balcony and large windows, is complemented by colour changing lights illuminating the atrium on the more traditional front of the building."

House data

External Dimensions 13.89 x 9.51 m
Living Space 3625 ft²