Your way to a dream house
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Housebuilding with Baufritz - Step by Step to your Dream House

Our experts in all areas are at your service and will support you before, during and after the construction phase of your dream home. It is particularly important to us that we treat you honestly and that we advise you fairly to make your dream of owning a home worry-free. We offer you unique architecture and styles making planning a wonderful experience.
Step 1

Step towards a happy home

Whether you visit our centre of excellence in Uetendorf, or our HausSchneiderei house tailoring centre and show homes in Erkheim, Germany, you'll discover the unique, healthy Baufritz quality of life. Smell the wood, feel the high-quality, natural materials, and imagine living here. Our advisors will be happy to help as you look round.
Step 2

Look at your home building options

Compare the quality other builders offer with Baufritz's premium method. Compare blind trust with certificates, measurements, analysis, lab reports and more. You won't find the same health and quality as Baufritz at the same price with any other firm.
Step 3

Visit our production site

See our build quality for yourself. You're welcome to visit our premises at any time, without making an appointment. That way you'll get a personal overview of the way we work and the materials we use. We're also happy for you to talk with one of our employees directly.
Step 4

We analyse your plot

Even before you buy your land, our experts can check the plot you want for any areas of electromagnetic or other radiation that result from its geology. This means our experts in health and construction biology will uncover any such hidden and potentially harmful aspects of your site.
Step 5

We design your house

Our architects design your natural, healthy home and ensure your indoor air is free from pollutants. We employ our experience and expertise to meet your requirements. We always adapt as precisely as possible to what you want and need. You're also welcome to bring in your own architect – we'll gladly work with them.
Step 6

We agree on the purchase

Once you've chosen to build your home with Baufritz, one of our advisors will agree the purchase with you. This contract includes a fixed price for the services you requested, and a date when your house will be assembled.
Step 7

Experts handle all the formalities

Our specialists will draft the plans to submit for your specific application and notification processes. These could include floor plans, sections, elevations and drainage plans on a scale of 1:100.
Step 8

Baufritz provides peace of mind for planning and moving in

Once you receive permission to build, we'll draw up a precise construction schedule. We'll also agree a date to view samples and specify the fittings for your new home.
Step 9

Find your fittings – help us create your dream home

We'll set a date to specify the entire interior of your new home together, based on samples. This includes building services, floor coverings and sanitary fittings. It's a time for you to see, feel and experience all the materials we'll use. Our trained interior designers and your own personal site manager will be on hand at this important stage.
Step 10

Your house is built to Baufritz standards

Your dream home will be built in one of Europe's most modern house factories. Our production hangars are where we prefabricate perfect parts for quality homes. We can carry on whatever the weather, which keeps on-site installation time to a minimum. This means we can keep our promises and always meet our assembly deadlines. We work with tradespeople trained to a very high standard, including the requirements of the RAL quality mark, DIN EN ISO 9001 and EMAS II environmental auditing.
Step 11

Your house is assembled

We guarantee to take great care and make sure the components of your building are protected in transit. All these parts are packaged to protect 100% against the effects of weather and transportation to the building site. In just a few days, we will bring together these perfect, tailor-made parts to make your individual, premium-quality home bearing the Baufritz brand.
Step 12

We fit out the interior

Within a few months (depending how big your house is), our established partner firms will fit out your interiors. Your site manager will coordinate all the appointments, oversee the work and act as your personal point of contact every step of the way, until you pick up the keys.
Step 13

Build quality and health standards are guaranteed

Immediately before we hand it over, your site manager will put the whole house through its paces. Our air pollution measurements are almost unique in Europe, and enable us to guarantee your indoor air is healthy. We provide excellent protection against electrosmog with our patented built-in protective layer: XundE by Baufritz. As soon as construction is complete, we'll hand you certificates to guarantee your home's health, energy and quality. That's what we call added value! If you have any more questions, we're on hand even after construction is complete. We offer in-depth advice, as well as a variety of service and maintenance contracts.
Step 14

You move into your dream home

You will be able to move into your new home just a few months after assembly began. You'll have all the benefits of a Baufritz house, all day, every day. Your dream home is now a reality, with Baufritz.