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Home Innovation & History
Healthy and ecological living conditions are not a passing fad for Baufritz or a bandwagon it has jumped on. Our foremost conviction has always been that health starts when we build a home. Health is at the centre of everything we do as a company. We also work hard every day to prove that we can protect our environment despite growing human needs and interventions and we create healthy working conditions in our team. Baufritz - that stands for healthy working, a healthy home, a healthy life.
1896 bis 2014

For over 115 years we have been building with natural materials and with nature in mind. We are the pioneers of ecological homebuilding in Germany. Constant innovation and progress, but also passion, incurable curiosity and brave convictions have brought us to the cutting–edge of our industry.


Our health credentials carry official seals

Our quality has official approval. As pioneers of healthy home building we understand it is our task to permanently develop and innovate. Our marks of quality and success prove us right, as do our many awards and prizes.



& Innovations

Science and practical innovation brought together: Our patents for wood construction and healthy building are the result of intensive research and development. The advantages can be physically felt by our customers. The patented HOIZ insulation is the best possible demonstration of that ecological local material being fashioned into effective insulation. Good for people, and good for the environment!

House Technology

Technology that does the thinking for you!

High Tech yet still ecological. - This is what Baufritz has perfected. We call it the intelligent eco-home. This is how we bridge the gap for our customers between technology that meets the highest modern standards, yet saves energy. And the best of all: electro smog does not get anywhere near you, despite all the technology in your home!
With a SmartHome you obtain stellar technology: wireless light switches, individual room temperature regulation and automatic shading to name but a few of its perks. This is the new way forward in home automation. SmartHome brings you a sensible intercommunication between the different systems of your home technology. Via a central switch board you have access to all electrical installations and can switch off all of the lighting and standby-devices at the push of a button. Saving energy and funds is at your fingertips!