Allergy Friendly

Allergy Friendly Homes and Living

House dust, pollen, dust mites, milk protein, and grasses – Tens of millions of people know the symptoms first hand: an itchy nose, skin rashes, sore, reddened eyes and possibly breathing difficulties. Even at home these allergens rarely afford peace to the sufferers, taking away breath and sleep and often the last nerves. We at Baufritz can put an end to it! We build allergy free rooms - for you, your child and the whole family.
With a Baufritz home you can finally look forward to coming home again; your home can be that most wonderful place in the world yet again.


Our team of health advisors and building biologists is there for you from when you first make contact and still far beyond the day that you receive keys. All members of our sales team have received special training in building biology. Tell us about your situation: The more we know the more individual we can make our suggestions for the building of your house. In close cooperation between you, your allergist and our partner-institutes we can reach this goal together: A home where you can be symptom-free and enjoy every second.
"Most significant was that our 2-year old daughter Julia now sleeps through the night for the first time."

A healthy home environment is the best medicine

The story of the Maier family, with their daughter Julia,
customers of Baufritz.

"We have been in our Baufritz home for eight weeks now and still can hardly believe how well we all are now. The most significant change has been to the sleep of our 2-year old daughter Julia, who now sleeps through the night for the first time. Before she would wake every night because of her severe eczema and we had to visit the doctor twice or even three times a week because of it. After treatment she would always be a lot better, but she never managed a full nights' sleep. Since we have been living in our "healthy house", all that has changed and we only need check-ups for our daughter every so often – the condition of her skin is very good." 
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Pollutants and chemicals in building materials foster allergies. That is why we first test all our building materials in a test chamber for pollutants. Baufritz will not use a material that has not been tested and found 100% pollutant- free. That also applies to any materials such as adhesives, glues, waxes, oils, paints and wood stain. If you enquire about our houses and have allergies to natural materials, we offer in collaboration with IUG a specific transformation test for white blood cells. We are also happy to send you material samples. This will allow us to plan with alternative materials should you be allergic. And it will allow you to look forward to your dream home without any worries – just as if you didn't have those pesky allergies.


Reducing pollutants is the key to allergy-free living. That is why we will not stop at meeting the standards set by our official certificates. The most important certificate for allergy-sufferers is the ALLÖKH-seal, which puts particular emphasis on building materials with low contamination and emissions. Baufritz is one of four housebuilding companies, that has been awarded their seal of approval. Low levels of contamination and emissions have to be re-tested and proven every 2 years. But Baufritz will do even more than our competitors than just meet those criteria.
Our constant testing guarantees you the highest level of safety. – Because we are not concerned with awards, but with your health!

Independent testing institutes confirm:
With Baufritz allergy-sufferers live a better life

Breathe deeply – Thanks to our free ambient air measurements

Ahead of the handing over of the keys to you we take special measurements of the house's ambient air. External building biology technicians will take several samples of ambient air in every Baufritz home. The results will be compared with standard values at the "Aurachtal" Institute (a member of the AGÖF - Association for the measurement of pollutants). The laboratory tests are conducted according to a strict European norm, DIN EN ISO 16000, for indoor pollutants.
Every one of our customers then receives the results of the measurements for their house in a personal certificate. All of this service is complimentary to our customers. - We know of no other company that carries out this complex and costly test for their houses' health aspects for free. All-round healthy and allergy-friendly homes for you and your family – without any compromises.
800 homes tested for pollutants and 30 years of research - A-grades for health. No other European home builder can offer as much experience in healthy home building as we can!

A health-break - all inclusive

We have a gift for yourself and your health: A good night's sleep and rest for your body can be yours when you test a Baufritz home. – Experience the positive influences our houses have on your health and allergy symptoms.

Ideal planning for ideal health conditions

"Pollen shower,
central hoovering systems
and clean room tunnels –
anything is possible when you build with us."

Stefan Schindele

Health expert
at Baufritz
"The health of allergy sufferers is especially at the heart of what we do. Our planning and health experts develop jointly with you the perfect floor plan and room layout. We can suggest things such as a pollen shower in the cellar, where you can wash off most of the pollen before entering the house. Our integrated central hoovering system means cleaner air and floors around the home: More powerful than any commercially available hoover, they reliably remove close to 100% of the house dust.
Another possibility is a windscreen by the front entrance. It stops not only the wind, but also pollen and dust that would otherwise enter the house with every opening of the front door.
The most unusual project so far was one that we carried out in the south of the federal state of Thueringen/Germany. Because of severe food and contact allergies of the home owner a special tunnel for the delivery of allergen-free food had to be installed, leading directly into the kitchen. The food is being passed through a slot to avoid opening any doors. It is very important to us to know customers well, to precisely analyse their needs and thus to get the best outcome for them and their health."

Our "special care" program: medical testing

Should you wish to receive a certificate of the Dr Blei institute for being "medically tested" or the "Sentinel Home" you can obtain these at a very low rate especially for Baufritz customers. In this case we would during the building phase on top of the other preventative measures carry out all dust-producing work outside your building. We would also set up special air filters to catch volatile substances in your rooms. We also recommend to sufferers of severe allergies to postpone moving in by 7 to 14 days after the completion of the house. During this time room temperature will increase and thus eliminate even the last remains of volatile substances.

Experience completes the picture

Baufritz knows about building emissions more than any other home builder. This is proven by tests showing far beyond average data in our houses and the sheer number of measurements we take: We have had more than 2500 tests of ambient air carried out in the last 15 years. Every single one of them is free for our customers! At Baufritz health comes "With compliments!"
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