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Energy self-sufficient house

Every day we get closer to our vision - the dream of a self-sufficient life. Our contribution: We work on self-sufficient houses, which not only make you independent of the cost of energy providers, but also help finance their own building costs - already while being constructed - through the revenue they produce. The development of technical components and the ways to store electricity are progressing by leaps and bounds. Our further development of the energy-plus house provides electricity and heat. To permanently explore and test the newest, but also affordable options, we have built a virtually energy self-sufficient model house in our construction centre in Poing, near Munich. Different paths towards complete independence are tried there in practice. Stagnation means regression, for this reason we are developing continuously.

Energy self-sufficient supply - What’s already possible today?

The furthest possible development of the energy-plus house is the self-sufficient house. In this home of the future, electric current, generated by a photovoltaic system, is not fed into the public grid, but used directly in the house. This is made possible by the latest control and storage technology with specially sealed lead acid or lithium ion batteries. Bring the future into your home with our solutions and upgrade later, according to your needs. Intelligent building has a name: Baufritz. Our Baufritz energy experts will draft a feasibility study for you including a calculation of amortisation - so you understand all implications from the outset. During the conversation, we will develop a customized solution that fits your budget and your interests. We are also happy to show you how you can upgrade and expand your intelligent and energy-efficient home at any time!

Self-sufficient Baufritz
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The self-powered house -
the 100 percent solution

In the show home "Alpine Chic" in our construction centre in Poing we try different approaches to being able to live 100% with self-generated energy. The focus is on the supply of heat, water and electricity as well as an affordable model, suitable for everyday use. Amongst other things and as the first construction company in Germany, we are testing the latest fuel cell technology for its practicality and suitability for everyday use in newly-built family homes. Using environmentally friendly natural gas, the fuel cell produces electricity and heat. This is used directly in the house and stored in special lithium-ion batteries. We supply additional power using an in-roof photovoltaic system and a newly developed, virtually silent wind turbine wheel. Into the future with us! Because the need and desire for complete energy-independence is growing!



The basic idea is to convert excess electricity by means of a chemical process (electrolysis of water) into methane gas. Since we have a huge underground natural gas infrastructure in Germany, it would be very easy to store the synthetically produced gas there. There is talk of 450,000 kilometre gas pipelines and about 47 natural gas storage systems. The excess electricity would be consequently cached underground in gaseous form and used whenever you need it in your own home. Baufritz puts you on the cutting edge of living innovation!



Based on the solar house principle you should soon be able to live completely independently with the help of Baufritz. At least half of any energy requirements for heating and hot water will be covered  through solar systems with this construction method. You generate electricity with a photovoltaic system - the surplus is stored by special battery technologies. With both measures and the patented complete-solution wall from Baufritz you can cover up to 80% of your energy needs. The remaining heat energy is for example produced  by a tiled stove. In parallel to these, an intelligent energy management board controls your appliances and reduces power consumption to a minimum. Baufritz makes the tried and tested even better!



The water supply in Germany has for many years been compulsory from local suppliers. Nevertheless, we consider at Baufritz to what extent it is possible in the future to obtain supplies of water independently. We have taken up the idea of preparing drinking water from rainwater. At the same time we think about how we can regulate the disposal of waste water in the future.  We like to think full-cycle!


Nature is completely self-sufficient. An impressive performance that we at Baufritz have taken as a model. With a self-sufficient house from Baufritz you will in the near future be able to own a self-contained system that is largely independent of electricity, oil or gas providers. This independent house is self-sufficient every day - as supreme as every tree and every plant. This is what ecological and sustainable means to us. Baufritz - always an innovative idea ahead!