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The conventional passive house has been taken on by Baufritz for further development. What we now call the complete-solution passive house has an airtight construction and offers perfect heat retention. - We are boasting a 1.5-litre house, on account of the high degree of airtightness. Creating a healthy living environment is then just a matter of building free of harmful substances. That is why we use no harmful artificial materials, whose emissions would spread and settle in the ambient air of a  passive house. - We build naturally healthy passive houses. A big and decisive difference for your future quality of life!


The passive house lives from passive heat. The way it operates is simple: The special design enables passive heating of the house, for example, by sunlight and residual heat from technical equipment and even from the people. The entire building envelope is designed to prevent heat loss. Thanks to intelligent ventilation you can simply breathe freely in your Baufritz house.
The Baufritz passive house design meets all the criteria and requirements of the Passive House Institute and even exceeds them:
  • Heating requirements of ≤ 15 kWh per m²
    (1.5 litres of oil or 3 kg of pellets per m² living space)
  • Primary energy requirement ≤ 120 kWh per sqm (for heating, ventilation, hot water, auxiliary and household electricity)
  • Maximum air tightness of the building envelope (n 50 ≤ 0.6 h-1)

An overview of passive houses
from satisfied Baufritz customers


Our Baufritz passive house allows not only economical, but also healthy living. This is made possible by our pollution-free interior concept. It includes quality natural building and insulation materials and strictly tested materials of ecological value. The exterior walls are able to breathe and provide, combined with the complete-solution ventilation system, a constantly pleasant and healthy indoor climate. Something quite special, our ventilators are intelligent and always deliver precisely the amount of fresh air that is needed in the house. This intelligent system quasi recognizes stale air in your home.  You will therefore always have a fresh living environment and even save energy costs compared to conventional permanent ventilators. This is intelligent technology from our Baufritz research teams. You are also protected by our unique electro smog casing "Xund-E" from rays which adversely affect your health - all of that at no extra charge.