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Ursula Haede
Ursula Haede
"In the Nilles' house we put design and ecological construction in a nutshell: Here the idea of ​​the double house is reinterpreted. The two cubic buildings are attractive with autonomy in the optical expression, but together they form a harmonious ensemble of functionally well planned and aesthetically impressive architecture. The double house exemplifies density housing, since the clever design of the two "halves" makes optimum use of the existing land. The common element is the two double garages and covered entrance. "

House data

External Dimensions 15.55 x 12.86 m
16.88 x 12.05 m
Living Space 2323 ft²
2551 ft²

Additional information

modern Bauhaus Design House nilles


A clever solution for expensive plots: Share and halve the costs!

Building land in a city location is very expensive in Luxembourg. The division of a 700 sqm plot and the intelligent planning of two adjacent single-family homes enabled a cost reduction and yet the individual house building dream for two Luxembourg couples.
The Luxembourg Building Authority approved the planning application to build on this terrain two completely different architect's houses. Thus, the construction and development costs could be considerably reduced. The high design standards of this architectural arrangement were met completed by the Allgäu eco house pioneer, Baufritz. The result is two harmonious individual homes in Bauhaus design which pamper the residents through their design full of ecological values with a healthy indoor climate, free of any pollutants.

Healthy two-family house

Both couples, Nilles-Fisch and Nilles-Leite, attach great importance to a holistic way of life that includes a responsible attitude to health and the environment. Wholesome food is just as important as an energy-efficient construction with ecologically certified materials that can be recycled back into nature at the end of their lifecycle.
In this sustainable house concept the optical link is the cubic structure and the roofing with clad anthracite façade panels over the entrances and double garages. Two architects, one from Luxembourg, who is very familiar with the local conditions, and one from Germany, together with the builders and Baufritz designed the floor plan. They devoted particular attention to the exterior design. The terraces are ideally arranged so that the families can use their garden without disturbing each other.
Opposites are revealed by the detailed architectural planning: The façade of the Nilles-Fisch house is consistently divided into two levels: The upper floor level has been covered with chic wood panelling and on the lower floor level an ecologically recommended permeable mineral plaster was applied. The entrance level floor embraces the open plan living/dining and kitchen area and the home office. Daylight penetrates through triple-glazed windows to the west and south. Upstairs three small openings to the north provide brightness. Here are the master bedroom, dressing room and bathroom. Going from the central hall, the three children's bedrooms lead off to the south.
The Nilles-Leite Bauhaus is quite different. To the north six floor to ceiling windows and a white plaster façade set the scene.  The bedroom, dressing room and the master bathroom are flooded with light in the upper floor. To the south there are two centrally located shower rooms and the adjoining children's bedrooms. The ground floor is intended to serve as an open communication level. The most eye-catching here are a free-floating staircase and a fireplace. The highlight: The fireplace was placed so that the family can look out into the open from the dining table through the window in the fireplace. The kitchen is also perfectly thought out. In the overhanging east wall not only are hidden many large  appliances such as a cooker, steamer and fridge/freezer, but it also provides storage space for dishes, glasses and cooking utensils. The grey-white colour scheme reflects the modernity of the façade as do the deliberately understated furnishings.
Both eco-homes are distinguished by their sustainable energy-efficiency values ​​and are heated and cooled by a special air-water heat pump. The holistic healthy construction of the houses is exceptional and Baufritz guarantees this to every client with a specific air pollutant measurement of the building before moving in. With the Baufritz health certificate the owners receive important proof of quality for their new home.