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Our Classic room combines tradition with unmistakable, timeless chic.
A classic white oiled herringbone parquet lines the floor. The high dark blue walls and the pretty patterned wallpaper are framed by the white skirting board and stucco elements. Combined with the soft dark blue velvet armchair, this creates a cosy, welcoming environment.
The Knoll marble table is the centrepiece here – a design classic that fills the whole room with its refined beauty.


This space is inspired by the airiness and rawness of lofts found at the top of grand buildings.  In the 1940s, people in large cities such as New York or London began converting old, empty factories and industrial buildings into apartments.
Familiar features include stone-effect wall panels or screens, which make these new interior walls almost indistinguishable from the charm of original brick walls. The Classic flooring from Hain achieves the sought-after contrast between the naked wall, elegant flooring, and high-quality furniture – furniture with a certain 'upcycling' feel that supports this playful interaction of contrasting stylistic elements.
The Kaiser Idell lamps above the table and on the wall bring tradition and modernity into the room, complemented by beautiful lighting elements from Heimatlicht, which immerse the structured wall in dramatic beams of light. Then there are the chairs – cantilevers from Thonet. These elements brought together turn this room into an inviting workshop space.


Wood, defined shapes, and vivid colours are all part of the appeal of the Scandinavian approach to furnishing.
"Keep it simple".
The shapes are simple, the design is linear and clear. People from Scandinavia like to keep things practical. And so it is that Scandinavian furniture is always based around the principle that form follows function – just like Bauhaus. Scandinavian style is also intended to be accessible to everyone, and as many people as possible. The famed Scandinavian love of nature is also reflected in the organic shapes found throughout.


Creative designs by Baufritz are always inspired by nature. Natural materials such as wood, earth, and stone offer a wealth of possibilities. The Nature room allows these materials to come into their own – untreated and unfiltered.
The clay plaster on the walls brings out the earthy colour while also containing particles that give these surfaces depth and shine. At the same time, it facilitates great acoustics and a balanced indoor climate. Wood is our favourite raw material – and trees are our suppliers. The images in the Nature room have not been created by artists, but rather reflect the natural beauty and balance found in leaves, bark, and branches. And one of these branches – 'milled' only by the water of the local River Iller – has been elegantly transformed into a beautiful lighting element. Adorned with top-quality LEDs, the branch immerses the room in warm light that covers the full spectrum of natural sunlight.
The clarity of ash wood, found in the flooring and furnishing, coupled with the exquisite feel of black linoleum surfaces, completes the room, lending it charm and a warm feeling of security.


This room represents urban lifestyle – spacious, high ceilings, with clean, modern furnishings. The environmentally friendly Volimea plaster walls with formwork edges create a modern concrete look, while also being breathable and moisture regulating.
The Formpark line by Bauwerk in natural oiled oak was selected for the floor. Great creativity on small surfaces – the genius lies in the simplicity. Two formats, numerous possibilities. Many different patterns can be created, depending on the design and lighting. It also brings together the elegance and understated coolness of the room's decor.
The classic chairs with their homely fabric covers, the large table in fine walnut, and the matching sideboard round off this attractive space.


That feeling of arriving after a long ascent, sitting down at a simple wooden table, admiring the beauty of the wood, and appreciating the pleasing simplicity of Alpine architecture: this is what the Alpine room brings home. Authentic materials, traditional craftsmanship, and a masterful focus on nothing but the essentials ... These elements create the perfect space for relaxation.
The pine panelling is pleasing to the touch as a hand brushes past, while eyes are attracted to the black steel of the furniture's decor fronts.  We combine simple fabrics and felt materials with a multi-coloured ash parquet flooring, setting accents with modern wooden chairs. The combination of elegant lamps and ambient lighting based on sophisticated LED technology complete the setting.