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Customer story Romijn

The Romijn family has been living in their Baufritz detached house in the Swiss canton of Bern for around a year and a half.
Within her new home, Sigrid has set up a practice for "natural conception, pregnancy and birth" where she treats women and couples with fertility issues.
Jan-Willem also works from home, providing specialist IT services from his dedicated office.
This arrangement means they both have time for their two children – who are already looking forward to a third sibling.
Kundengeschichte Romijn - Die Familie
You've been living in your new Baufritz home for more than a year now. Why did you choose Baufritz?
It was the entire package that won us over. But primarily it was the ecological, natural but contemporary architecture.
In addition, Baufritz has a solid presence here in Switzerland. Our contact (Stefan Leubin) provided us with expert advice from the very outset, and even lent his support before we had bought the land, which helped us a great deal.
Can you recall your first contact with Baufritz?
We first encountered Baufritz at a trade fair in Bern (Bau+Energie Messe), where we talked to Stefan Leubin. That gave us a good first understanding of Baufritz and its philosophy. As a result, we put Baufritz on our shortlist.

How was the planning and sampling phase? How did people respond to your ideas?


The support was very personal in nature. A lot of the consultations and planning sessions took place at our home, which really suited us as we had just had our second child.
Finding the right home for us was a very intense and interesting process. We had very concrete ideas and had created mood pictures, models and collages. The architect, Simone Pretelli, was wonderfully adept at taking our ideas on board and incorporating them.
The sampling phase was an exciting time for us. The focus shifted to our collages, and together with the interior designer, Thomas Zoller, we sought to visualise our wishes and make them reality – up to and including a stone washbasin from a photo we collected years ago and whose brand name we no longer knew.


How was the construction phase?


It was very intensive, particularly due to the challenges associated with our plot of land. Often, the whole family was on site, which the kids found interesting. The erection of the building shell with its enormous wooden walls by means of a crane and a team of carpenters was very impressive.
Throughout the entire construction phase, we received good support from the Baufritz team and the architect.
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Were you able to realise your personal dreams? Are there features of the house you are especially fond of?


We are thrilled that our ideas were implemented in the way we had often imagined before we started the actual planning work.
Our central wish was to bring the natural surroundings into the interior, and to be able to enjoy the greenery, and experience the seasons from inside the house.
Large windows that frame the landscape like photographs, particularly in the bathroom, provide ample light and views. When we are showering or taking a bath, we not only feel the water on our skin, but also the sun, and can look across the meadows to the forest. We love being woken up in the morning by all the daylight.

The entire living and entrance area connects us with the garden and the countryside. What's more, it was very important that the kitchen is recognised as the heart of our family life. Again, we went for lots of wood and daylight.

How would you rate your quality of life in your Baufritz home?
We enjoy a very high quality of life. We really appreciate the natural scent and the warm colours of the many wooden elements; they have an extremely grounding and harmonising quality.
Would you recommend Baufritz to your friends?
We often have friends and acquaintances come round to visit, and they really sense how thrilled we are. So yes, we recommend Baufritz to others.
If you were to build another house, would you do it exactly the same way? 
We wouldn't want to create exactly the same building twice over. We both have loads of ideas and a variety of interests. We could now imagine going for a wooden U-shaped Baufritz bungalow with an inner courtyard with plenty of greenery, and surrounded by a garden.
We would probably want the kitchen and bathroom to closely follow the current designs. And we would like to work with the same architect.
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