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Creating a Cyber Secure Home

With a rapid growth of "Internet of things" and impressive IT advances of the last decade, the issues of data protection and private IT security are becoming increasingly important. Security vulnerabilities that could be targeted by hackers can be found in everything from toy dolls to Internet-connected washing machines. Today we are meeting our IT security expert, Phil Henly, the CEO of Cybrid Solutions and talk to him about Internet and home security, as well as "smart home" systems.
What is meant by "Internet security" and what are the most common mistakes compromising private security people make while using the Internet?
Internet or Cyber Security is all about protecting the technology we use and the important personal data stored on it. There are many sophisticated systems out there which can dupe us into allowing access to our data or technology, often without us knowing.
The most common mistakes are using passwords that are too easy to hack and not having the right protections in place, like strong firewalls and antivirus software. Using the same password for multiple accounts is also a common mistake.
There is a lot of information regarding home security that might be quite confusing for a new home owner. What are the most effective home security solutions you offer?
Most of the home owners we work with want a mixture of good cyber security and physical security to complement their automation and media installations. Done well, this can provide the optimum experience for a modern smart home.
We work with a wide range of vendors to deliver a complete solution that not only provides exceptional performance but upholds the highest standards in cyber security. This usually includes a robust firewall, secure wired and wireless networks combined with intruder detection and CCTV that integrates with the network. All protected by powerful anti-virus and anti-intrusion software.
This cohesive approach ensures that there's no 'weak link' in the system.
Smart home systems become increasingly popular. While those systems offer an incredible level of convenience, many experts suggest that home automation can easily give hackers access to personal information. What needs to be considered while installing a smart home system and how do you stay safe using it?
Unfortunately, the rise in smart home systems, particularly those sold on the high street, have led to an increase of potential hackings and security breaches in people's homes. This is almost always due to the fact that they haven't been configured with security in mind or have been installed by companies who don't have cyber security expertise, which is all too common.
Any system is only secure if every part of it is protected. Sometimes, one single device can put the whole house at risk without it being obvious. So we have systems that help ensure this doesn't happen or is detected quickly if it does. And we have the expertise to ensure it's designed and installed securely from the outset.
What services do you offer to Baufritz customers? What is the process in terms of design, constructing and maintaining/upgrading security systems?
Every client and home is unique, each requiring a bespoke solution. The first step is about discovering what each client requires and helping them decide which technologies will work best for them. Often each member of the family has a different focus or need. This can include multimedia, intruder detection, CCTV, wireless networks, Internet services and building automation, all integrated and centrally managed. We also cater for those building accessible homes for specific needs or mobility requirements.
The design process is often quite fluid, adapting to changes in the house design or layout as the final design evolves. We manage the installation and ensure that everything is installed and tested to the client's expectations and Baufritz high standards.
Maintaining the systems is important and we offer comprehensive ongoing support to proactively maintain them, ensure they remain up to date and secure, making any changes or adaptations as the client's needs change.
It's a very personal service and our clients really appreciate the attention to detail.
What personal security solutions can you offer to high-profile business clients?
It's an unfortunate fact that many high profile and wealthy individuals can find themselves victim of specifically targeted attacks. Scammers go to great efforts to breach their systems or trick them, or their staff, into providing confidential data or fraudulently transferring money through social engineering. Social engineering is when criminals use underhand tactics to gain passwords or financial transfers without actually having to hack a computer, usually by clever deception.
Many of our high-profile clients take advantage of our tailored cyber security packages and training to help them protect themselves and their data. Many of them also ask us to put in place systems to protect their families, especially those that have young children. Sadly, something that has become increasingly important these days.