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Basel countryside customer story

Christoph and his family have been living in a detached Baufritz family home in the Swiss countryside near Basel for seven years.   They decided to build their timber-frame home on an attractive plot right by the French border – a decision Christoph does not regret to this day. He tells us how Baufritz won him over with a well-balanced overall concept and personal support.
Kundengeschichte Ruch - Die Familie
You have been living in your Baufritz home since 2011. How do you feel now after seven years in your home?  
After all these years, we are still very fond of every detail of this house. You could say we really feel at home here.
What made you choose a Baufritz home?
After visiting the Swiss Home Expo in Suhr, I was initially disappointed by the various prefabricated homes on offer. But then a colleague told me about his new timber-frame prefab home. I looked into the designs and came to the conclusion that there are really only very few 'high end' manufacturers. We then compared a few and chose Baufritz, partly because we were simply drawn to them.
Why was that?
Well, we wanted a gable roof because we just like the homely feel, so that eliminated one competitor with flat roofs. But more than anything, it was the overall impression we got that swayed us. We felt that we were really well taken care of. Jürgen Schossig in particular played a big role here. As our customer advisor, he was almost able to read our minds. We also went to Erkheim, where we visited the show houses and the HausSchneiderei. We were very impressed by the whole concept.
How did you find the planning and design phase?
That can be described as very intense. Building a home is of course a big event. There is this worrying about whether you're doing everything right, coupled with great excitement and anticipation. After lengthy preliminary planning, the sampling took place on three consecutive days. Every day we started early in the morning, going on into the evening – so we were pretty tired. You have to think about every detail, such as where the electrical sockets should be located, which direction you want the doors to open in, and so on. We felt a little overwhelmed, because we'd just not asked ourselves such questions. But that's another advantage to Baufritz: the team gave us excellent advice and applied their experience to guide us well. And when I look around the house today, after seven years, I'd say almost every electrical socket is just where it is needed.
How was the construction phase?
We had excellent support during this phase, too, from our site manager, Markus Merk.  He ensured, for example, that a production problem at the company manufacturing our heating system was perfectly resolved in our favour. So rather than the air-water heat pump system that was originally planned, we now have a powerful geothermal probe heating system with a super motor. That's a great benefit. Essentially, we got a Bentley in exchange for a Polo, at no additional cost.
Kundengeschichte Ruch - Außenansicht
Kundengeschichte Ruch - Terrasse
What role did environmental factors play?
Quite an important one, because at the end of the day, it just creates a pleasant living environment. These environmental aspects really help to ensure we feel completely at home. The colours, materials ... they all give you that feeling of having done the right thing for your family. Mr Merk, for example, had the plumber replace an insulation material around bathroom fittings, because they had initially used a less environmentally friendly material.  But for me, the most important thing was ensuring our house is top quality through and through.
When you look around your house, how many of your personal requests do you see reflected in the details?
We considered so many details that are now found in our home. It was crazy, really. Right at the start, Mr Schossig had a blank sheet of paper in front of him and used that and a pencil to sketch out exactly what we had in mind. He was able to put himself completely in our shoes: What should the roof look like? How should that small canopy on the veranda look? And much more besides. And all this was based on a modular house design, which we then fully customised based on what we had in mind. It was like Lego for adults.
Do you recommend Baufritz to others?
I've spoken highly of Baufritz right from the start. That's why we also registered our home as an reference project that people can visit to get a feel for what it is like to live in a Baufritz home.
If you were to build a home again, would you do it in exactly the same way?
I think we would do practically everything the same way. Of course, there is always something that we could optimise here or there, but I think that would more be on the construction side – for example the planning applications and construction planning.  But I would definitely work with Baufritz to build exactly the same house again.
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