Current Projects


An extensive, intricate family home has been built for a returning client in Surrey. It has numerous special details, such as a barn with a vaulted ceiling and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Underway in Hampshire, this bespoke home sits on a substantial plot. The client has a keen eye for design, so this home will feature some outstanding detailing in its interlinking structures.

Designed to an individual brief, this Essex family home has been completed. The extensive build is finished to the highest quality - including the bespoke interiors and contrasting façade.

Generous glass surfaces, paired with vertical black timber cladding, create a striking Surrey home with a modern aesthetic. An intricate interlinked roof design adds to the visual appeal.

Nestled in a West Sussex woodland landscape, this natural clad family home has been finished. The façade blends beautifully into the park setting, almost like a fairy tale home.

This contemporary London townhouse has been designed to maximise the exsiting space. The old, inefficient dwelling has been replaced with a modern design including flat roof, and rendered façade.

This two-storey home has reached completion and has been handed over. The surrounding greenery is heavily complimented by the timber façade, reinforcing the harmony between the house and nature.

Clean lines and the neutral tones of natural wood and white mineral render give shape and definition to the exterior of this family home. The simplicity of the design enhances this suburbian area.

This quirky design is currently underway in London. It is a family home that’s designed to fit, with a combination of brick slips and natural timber cladding.

Baufritz took this client’s architectural design and made it work. The result is a dream home for a couple in Kent. The design boasts a naturally cladded façade and generous floor-to-ceiling windows.

This well proportioned home in Berkshire adopts a more traditional longhouse design. Only natural materials free from chemicals were used in building the house.

This chalet style home has a luxurious and cosy aesthetic. The roof overhangs frame the balcony, providing shelter in all weathers. The home has been finished and the clients have moved in.