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We are living in an age of uncertainty where fuel is concerned therefore moving toward a long-term approach makes complete sense, not just for the immediate future, but for the futures of our children and grandchildren. We all have a part to play in taking care of our immediate and extended environment. The fact that you are considering a green home or a sustainably built house means that you take the issue of climate change seriously and regard it as one of the most pressing issues that we face.
Do you think being independent of oil or gas is just a dream?  With a Solar Powered house from Baufritz, your dreams of living sustainably and green can now become a reality. A sustainable home from Baufritz, with a complete solar panel system, which works the whole year round, provides two-thirds of the heating for your home. Only the remaining one-third will you need to heat yourself, through very efficient wood pellet burners that have become increasingly popular in the past 15 years or so.
Not only is solar home a modern alternative to a home powered by fossil fuels, but a solar home is healthier, and after a few years, the system will have paid for itself. However, that is not all: As eco house pioneers, we also guarantee an ecological and healthy construction right down to the finest details of the house, for example in the domestic technology. Only Baufritz could make this a reality-our certificates and testimonials prove it!

Store heat instead
of electricity

With a solar house you are your own energy supplier. While the neighbours complain about high gas and oil prices, you will be heating nearly self-sufficiently your Baufritz home. The solar house principle is based mainly on three components: a solar heating system, a hot-water stratified storage tank and a booster heater. With Baufritz you are ideally positioned for the future.

of a sun house

  • Highly insulating building
  • Energy requirements for heating and hot water covered to at least 50% from solar energy (solar panels)
  • Annual primary energy needs 5 to 15 kWh (m²a)
  • At least 45 degrees inclined southern roof surface
    (alternatively steeply elevated thermal solar system)
  • A water storage integrated in the house (layered heat storage)
Source: Ratgeber bauen 02/13

Example of a Baufritz sun house