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London | England
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Peter Cox
Peter Cox
"Baufritz's holistic ecological construction concept - which combines aesthetics, design and ecology – immediately convinced the Indian-born Patels. Their love of Far Eastern architecture and interior design influenced their house design, and even led to a relaxing spa for the senses. The unique lighting concept that appears to seamlessly connect nature with the living area has created a particularly peaceful and relaxed atmosphere here, that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of London."

House data

External Dimensions 19.37 x 17.71 m
Living Space 5462 ft²

Additional information

Townhouse patel


Luxury design house with Balinese flair

The challenge of this project was to allow the preference of the customer to incorporate the architectural style of tropical countries (particularly Bali), and yet adapt the house to the local architectural style.
The design details included a combination of various pitch roofs, a flat roof and their interaction which fits skilfully into the overall design. The ivory render front of the house with the many narrow, almost floor to ceiling windows, the imposing entrance area and the chic bay windows arouses curiosity. Yet standing in the beautiful park-like garden (2,900 sqm) with mature trees, the house shows a completely different side: The back has been constructed almost entirely of glass and has a graceful and light appearance. All rooms on the ground floor, as well as on the upper floor have floor to ceiling windows, sliding glass doors and gable glazing. The building has been tiered twice on the garden side. This makes the ground floor the perfect place for cosy terraces and a lounging patio. The balconies upstairs provide the underlying terraces not only with great wind and weather protection, but offer a private balcony each to three upstairs rooms. Enjoying the magnificent views of the garden just rounds off the whole experience of this home so well. Thanks to the individual design, the townhouse blends perfectly into its surroundings. The modern design and the many Balinese accessories by no means feel out of place or fake. On the contrary, it looks as if every object, every wall and every branch are accurately matched and have always been there.
This impression is also reflected in the interior. Already at the entrance, the visitor is welcomed by a fountain radiating peace and inner balance. Above the fountain a gallery opens out, which over two floors allows a view to the sky, flooding the house in an atmospheric light. The entrance area adjoins a generous, open-plan living and dining area. The kitchen is connected by a recessed wall with aquarium to the living and dining area.
From the garage you can directly access either the reception area or, conveniently, the utility room. This is adjacent to the kitchen. A special highlight here is the permanently integrated, glass elements decorated with an Asian pattern, which on the one hand acts as an elegant room divider and on the other is an eye-catcher on account of the indirect lighting. Also located on the ground floor is a separate TV room or home theatre.
A half-turn staircase leads to the upper floor. Here there are five bedrooms, each with their own "bathing oasis". The master bedroom - has a dressing room and gallery; these are accessed through a staircase. However the meditation area, which is located behind the aforementioned bay, is the highlight of the upper floor. This place of Hindu worship is connected to the gallery hallway by a type of bridge. The space at the side of the glass balustrade is open and thus directly connected to the ground floor. Skylights in the roof ensure a mystical play of light. The work area opposite is separated by filigree glass elements and thus flooded with light.
At the top, under the roof, there is a gym with attached studio, which is used to cool down after exercise, as an additional lounge or reading room. Impressed by the many subtleties and specifics of this Hindu-inspired luxury design house no one would probably expect this to be the work of an eco house manufacturer. Baufritz shows once again that ecological responsibility and consequent luxury design combined with the latest technology are in no way mutually exclusive. Like all Baufritz houses the Patel house has all the standards Baufritz is well known for, such as high precision and quality, the unique healthy living climate, and much more.