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Surrey | England
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Thomas Zoller
Interior Designer
Thomas Zoller
"Our client, a young professional couple with a young child, researched the market thoroughly and came to us because they felt we offered the greatest flexibility of design of all the off-site manufacturers in the market. The location of the plot is in a built up suburban area south of London with a broad mix of traditional English architectural styles. Our challenge was to design a five bedroom home that had a traditional feel with a contemporary twist. The roof is in a traditional pitched style with a glass section above the central stairs to let light flood in and there is also a glass roof above the balconies at the rear to let light into the bedrooms. The townhouse incorporates a 'Baby Basement' built by our German basement partner Glatthaar to house a plantroom and storage area."

House data

External Dimensions 13.5 x 13.5 m
Living Space 3035 ft²