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Bern | Switzerland
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Alfredo Häberli
Alfredo Häberli
"We have again seen that ecology and design are not contradictory – quite the opposite. Design creates added value. Diverse structures, surfaces and materials create a variety of forms and colours that I interpret as a direct response to the house's ever-changing natural surroundings. Waldsicht has turned our vision of tomorrow's living into a built reality."

House data

External Dimensions 10.80 x 7.20 m
Living Space 2160 ft²

Additional information

Transforming Haussicht into Waldsicht


From vision to prototype

Eco-friendly construction combined with high-quality design: the Waldsicht project sees Baufritz continue its partnership with Alfredo Häberli's studio. The Haussicht study, developed in 2016, has now led to the construction of a home in Köniz, near Bern in Switzerland. It is the first building to be implemented using the jointly developed Haussicht toolbox of design ideas. Waldsicht demonstrates many possible ways of blending contemporary aesthetics with healthy, environmentally sound construction.
The name of the project, Waldsicht, which translates as Forest View, underlines the natural element crucial to the development of the building - the woodland immediately adjacent to the chosen plot of land. The clients wanted a detached home for a family of four: two children's rooms, a generous master bedroom, a study with a library and a niche for guests, an elevated deck with morning sun, and a second elevated deck with evening sun. These wishes were fully implemented by means of spaces that employ the same design language as Haussicht. Waldsicht was conceived from the inside out, from the desired look and feel of the rooms to the overall architecture of the building.
Dagmar Fritz-Kramer describes the partnership as follows: "It was simply a matter of time before our vision became a prototype. I am fascinated by the interaction between architecture and design in this project – this has resulted in Waldsicht becoming a new member of the Baufritz family, with its own distinct character."