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Show House Lichtblick

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Show House Lichtblick

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Sigrid Krämer
Interior Designer
Sigrid Krämer
"A balanced interplay between wood and glass create the atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the Show House "Lichtblick". Large expanses of glass on the ground floor let in lots of natural light."

House data

External Dimensions 15.07 x 5.70 m
Living Space 2045 ft² (incl. extension)
Show House "Lichtblick"
Erkheim - Germany
Opening hours:
Mon - Sat from 10 am to 6 pm

Additional information

Show House "Lichtblick"


The healthiest and most climate-friendly eco house in Germany to date

The clean straightforward lines and neutral tones of natural wood give shape and definition to the exterior of this modern compact family eco home. Its architectural style references Vorarlberg, a region in Austria that over the past 30 years has gained a reputation for mixing modernity and tradition in its building design. Inside, this stylish 130 square meters home is distributed on two levels plus a basement and an add-on module. The Show House has been built with over 89% of natural wood, including the spruce cladding and oak floors - well above the current environmental and climate protection standards, without depriving the house of its modern appearance.
The visual highlights, such as a sheltered comfortable loggia and the two terraces opening up into the garden, are a part of an array of intricately designed and beautifully finished details that give the Show House its unique identity and convince a viewer of its uncompromising character.
The balanced interplay of the natural materials embraces a striking style that, thanks to its pronounced design statement, can exist harmoniously in a busy urban environment, in a rural setting, or in new development construction areas.
Above all, the horizontal rough sawn untreated Credo spruce facade shapes the appearance of the house. The stylish filigree narrow slats allowing a partial view of the loggia and the structurally supporting Fir wood inserts between the windows give the house a special charm, without being too conspicuous.
The extension, which is linked to the house via a connection module, has been designed to match the natural wooden facade of the main house.  It has a narrow slim-line contour design that is intended to indicate the independence of the docked module. The dimensions of "Lichtblick" were planned with a deliberate simplicity and reduction to the essentials, which is reflected in the classic, matte black tiled pitched roof without roof overhangs. The large photovoltaic system has been installed in line with the overall innovative technology concept.