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Van Dyck

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Van Dyck

Mainz | Germany
Floor plan Ground Floor
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Hans-Georg Stotz
Hans-Georg Stotz
"The van Dyck family wanted to realise their own dream home in the Mainz area featuring an American style with Mediterranean accents. Their special requirement was that the home should include an integrated but separate working space in which the home-builder and practising psychologist could do his work seeing patients from home. ​"

House data

External Dimensions 12.58 x 8.83 m
Living Space 2140 ft²

Additional information

new england style home Van Dyck


Living and working under the same roof

Whether you are a practising psychologist, a designer, tax advisor or self-employed IT specialist, if you can cut out your daily commute to your place of work, you not only save time and money: you also have the opportunity of significantly improving your personal work-life balance. These reasons were also the motivation for the home-building van Dyck family from the Mainz area to plan their new abode with Baufritz – and to create the right conditions for an integrated practice space in addition to their personal needs and desires. With its planning quite literally oriented to the practice, a modern building emerged with American architecture and Mediterranean accents, perfectly combining the needs of private and professional life. A clever floor plan and a separate entrance to the practice mean that patients need not enter through the private residence, and the home-builders can have a clear boundary between work and their personal lives despite the direct attachment of the two spaces.
According to the vision and wishes of the family, the abode was designed in a New England style. This particular style is underscored by the latte-coloured wooden façade with cream-coloured accents typical of country houses; combined with the gabled roof and playfully romantic arched windows, the look projects American charm. Intricate architectural details complete the look, such as vintage-style windows with internal glazing bars and a covered veranda on the garden side of the house.