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Show House "S1"

Show House
in Erkheim | Germany
1/8 - exterior view
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Karsten Wuttke
Interior Architect
Karsten Wuttke
"The new 'S1' model house is exceptional, and that's evident simply by looking at it. A slender structure with black wooden façade and white contrasting bay window with its cheerful atmosphere is reminiscent of Scandinavian architecture. The highlight: a dockable, rentable extension in light grey, should the family and the space required grow for a certain amount of time. Inside, the show house exudes unadulterated comfort. An ideal, attractively priced and evolving ecological house for two to three people. Ideally suited for small plots of land. "

House data

External Dimensions 13.12 x 13.19 m
Living Space 1087 ft² + extension
Show House S1
Erkheim - Germany
Opening hours:
Mon - Sat from 10 am to 6 pm

Additional information

show house s1


 "The Lively home" - Smart energy efficiency

In addition to architecturally interesting house designs, such as the new Baufritz show house "S1", The "The Lively Home" concept offers the most modern energy efficient and intelligent home technology.
Depending on the house design customised power saving modes are possible, from the subsidy qualifying KfW Efficiency House 70, 55 or 40, the self-powered home, to even the Plus energy house.
Example package "Energy Self-sufficient": the intelligent home technology includes a photovoltaic system, plus newly developed battery-power storage. Thus, the self-generated solar energy can be used directly onsite for the refrigerator, lighting etc. Smart Home management with self-powered wireless technology optimizes – in addition to varied comfort control functions in the house - the energy consumptions. This means, for example, that the washing machine optionally turns on when excess solar power is available. If the solar energy storage is empty, current is drawn from the grid automatically.
According to the Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft (BSW), the German Solar Industry Association, homes with solar power systems and electricity storage as well as appropriate usage consume up to 60 per cent less electricity from the grid.
Already included in the "Basic Energy Package" is an air heating pump or gas condenser boiler with solar heating system, each in combination with an underfloor heating system.
Together with the "complete solution ​​plus" heat recovery ventilation system created by Baufritz, the house can achieve energy efficiency class 70 when combined with a condenser gas boiler and solar system. With a heat pump the energy efficiency of the house can reach a rating of 55 and even 40, with the "self-sufficient energy package" and appropriate insulation.
Smart home technology should not be missing. We offer the option of wireless EnOcean technology for lighting and blind control that can be freely positioned. This can be extended as desired with a Comfort, Smart Grid (in-house network connection between power generators, power storage and power consumption) and with home security.