Modular Homes
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Modular Homes

Prepare to live in a healthy home designed by renowned architects. Top quality, ecological, German designed  homes, delivered to your door. Our timber frame extensions are tried and tested concepts designed by distinguished architects.
Time and money are some of the most important things in life. With a modular home from Baufritz, you make huge savings on both. You avoid the time and costs that go into the planning phase, and you avoid the time and cost spent on site during the construction of the timber frame extension.
Construction of a modular home or small home is based on original designs as well as on experience and passion amassed over several decades. A timber frame extension construction allows us to offer you affordable prices for eco-friendly homes using the best and safest materials. They are of the highest quality and can be erected within a matter of days. You can, of course, adapt our existing modular home designs to meet your needs and wishes. So, whether you want a tiny home, small home or large home, our efficient construction method and all the benefits of an entirely ecological house come as standard. Build your future with Baufritz.
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