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Modern House Treehouse

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Modern House Treehouse

Cambridge | England
1/8 - External View
Magnus Nilsson
Magnus Nilsson
"This modern architectural concept by the pioneering eco-home builders of Baufritz fits well into its typical English neighbourhood, thanks to being designed sympathetically."

House data

External Dimensions 18.20 x 8.20 m
Living Space 2.150 ft²

Additional information

modern House Treehouse


Modern architect-designed house with country-specific design elements

A house in England, designed by the renowned English architect's office Nilsson Pflugfelder, proves just how well the natural and modern design of the wood-house experts from Baufritz can sit within a typical English neighbourhood dominated by brick facades. The designer home of 18.2 by 8.2 meters in dimension and with altogether 200sqm internal area is situated in South England. Its wooden Rondo cladding has been left untreated and is carried out with slightly prominent fascia masonry, the so-called pilaster. Thus, a varied and attractive look is achieved that harmonises with the style of the surrounding houses. Another special feature of the exterior design in the immediate area is the yellow-brown brick faces of the Victorian terraces. With this architectural feature the house integrates especially well into its historically grown environment.
Naturally, the interior provides a maximum of comfort too. The first floor is flooded with light mainly from a roof window. On the ground floor this is achieved through especially generous windows and sliding glass doors. At the same time privacy is afforded on the first floor by employing areas of translucent glass. A bay window in the bedroom with its special angle protects from unwanted onlookers. Flexible living is provided with a folding oak door on the ground floor, which can variably separate the 108sqm of living and dining area. Bedrooms and bathroom are situated in the 92sqm of the first floor.
Like all other Baufritz homes this house has an astonishing energy record. This is achieved mainly using the tried and trusted 37cm-thick complete-solution wall and the organic and natural HOIZ insulation it contains. Further protection is afforded from damaging electric smog through a protective exterior barrier and sheathed electric cables internally.