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Upper Bavaria | Germany
1/12 - Exterior View
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Carolin Stephan
Interior Design
Carolin Stephan
"The layout is open-plan with seamless transitions. The interplay between shared and more secluded spaces is found throughout the entire house. The chosen materials are timeless and authentic. They appeal to the human senses, and are intended to age gracefully. The building is the perfect backdrop for exceptional items of furniture."

House data

External Dimensions 9.40 x 13.16 m
Living Space 2209 ft²
(without basement)

Additional information

Modern house Richter


Building on the success of our collaboration with design icon Alfredo Häberli, Baufritz continues to champion exclusive design by teaming up with Carolin Stephan. Winner of the 2018 "Best of Interior" award, Stephan's sensitivity to the lifestyles and aspirations of her customers enables her to create interiors that truly feel like an extension of their personality. "There is so much to decide in every new building - from the window colour to the light switches, to the skirting board," says Stephan. "I support clients in all details." Taking inspiration from Haus Richter's owners and their young family, Stephan brings together materials that will age over time, reflecting the way families change through the years. "Oak, Kehlheim natural stone and raw brass will be allowed to age gracefully. The traces of life are allowed to show." Solid wood floorboards run diagonally, and the floor-to-ceiling doors match the colour of the walls to create more space. On the upper floor a dressing room with rounded corners occupies the middle of the room, as a statement between the bedroom and bathroom.  "A 'ready-made house' like this is never finished," says Stephan, "It has to allow for changes that life brings with it." With its asymmetrical pitched roof and futuristic sheet metal façade, Haus Richter has an interior that perfectly complements its exterior. The success of the joint venture is clear to see the moment you step inside.