Heimat 4.0

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Reiner Bayer
Reiner Bayer
"At first glance Heimat 4.0, with its clear modern design elements, does not necessarily seem like a building based on traditional ideas, yet it is full of details, which are reminiscent of earlier living concepts and living arrangements, but have fallen out of favour. Baufritz re-explores these concepts and combines them with 21st century individual living requirements."

House data

External Dimensions 12.68 x 8.93 m
Living Space 2810 ft²

Additional information

Tradition in the here and now: Heimat 4.0

Heimat 4.0 is designed to combine modern living with traditional core values. The name roughly translates as feeling at home and describes Baufritz´s new Showhouse situated in the beautiful region of Allgäu, Southern Germany. The house is ideal for larger families or multigenerational living and provides the basis for an independent and self-sustainable lifestyle, either in an urban or rural environment. Its flexible design allows residents to interpret the 174m² to their own particular needs. Through construction on a sloped building plot, the basement becomes a light-filled, fully integrated living space of approximately 40 m², thus making it the perfect living quarters for family members or visitors. Taking pride in manufacturing houses only from natural, environmentally safe, reusable materials, Heimat 4.0 uses non-toxic, certified and organic building materials throughout.
The interior of the country house has been designed with great attention to detail, using mainly sustainable materials and high-quality modular furniture. On the ground floor, elements of traditional living are revived. The open plan kitchen-dining-living space can be used for everything from cooking and meeting with friends to doing homework. The scullery hosts enough space for a washing machine and dryer with added storage facilities. The living and dining area is subtly divided with a traditional ceramic stove. A secluded alcove with a sofa set into the wall and a built in library provide a place to retreat and rest. A home office and a guest toilet complete the ground floor, while the direct access to the terrace and garden makes for a great light drenched living area.
The first floor boasts four bedrooms including three children's rooms, two of them with space saving split-level sleeping galleries and a third with a cuddly bed niche along with an exciting play area. The three bedrooms share a children's bathroom. Parents can retreat to the spacious master bedroom with build in furniture, own dressing room and ensuite bathroom.
The self-contained apartment on the lower ground floor has a separate entrance. It offers privacy or the possibility of taking part in family life as much or as little as desired. Alternatively the bright basement works well as a spacious workshop and becomes a fully integrated addition of the main building. It is a place to indulge in hobbies such as woodworking, displaying a memorabilia collection or setting up model trains.
As an option the house can be built on a slab foundation without basement. In this case, the scullery becomes the plant room. In front of the Showhouse an integrated wood bench, known as "Bänkle" expresses function and modern farmhouse flair. Heimat 4.0 has a barn for small animals, integrated raised beds for growing flowers or vegetables and the Annexe. Accessible via the terrace of the main house, the Annexe is equipped with running water, integrated sink, countertop and table. The wood-burning oven is fantastic for making bread and pizza, which gives subtle hints of self-sustainable life, reinforced by the adjacent barn.
Heimat 4.0 has been constructed to exceed standards of energy efficiency. Baufritz has partnered with German pellet heating system specialist ÖkoFEN, to use only the latest developments in pellet boiler technology. The integrated Stirling engine, a photovoltaic system and battery storage generates green energy. Also installed is a non-central ventilation system, highly energy-efficient AAA walls, under floor heating and triple biological thermal insulation, all of which fulfills the criteria of a KfW 40 energy-saving house.
Equipped with the latest KNX Bus system, capable of managing and controlling all of its elements and installations, Heimat 4.0 is an economical smart home. It gives its users the ability to freely adjust any settings according to their individual preferences. Effective X-and-E electro smog protection technology delivers the highest Electromagnetic protection.
In addition, Baufritz offers a cost-optimised version of the house design with reduced features.
As Baufritz´s UK CEO Oliver Rehm points out:
"Heimat 4.0 shows our passion for, and expertise in, sustainable, prefabricated design, evident in a combination of practical, simple and deliverable design features that make this a country house of exceptional quality whilst at the same time bringing together the most comprehensive range of energy-saving features in a thoughtful assembly of light-filled spaces, suited to 21st century living."