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Bungalow Bowles

Overview Bungalow

Bungalow Bowles

Kent | England
1/6 - exterior view
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Oliver Rehm
CEO Baufritz (UK) Ltd.
Oliver Rehm
"The beautiful bungalow stands in large, spacious grounds with wonderful gardens, peacefully protected by a lush hedge. The covered entrance area boasts a romantic porch, making for an inviting welcome. We have designed the roof of this classic and wheelchair accessible bungalow in a way that corresponds to the traditional architecture of the area. It blends perfectly into the surroundings.
Modern technology such as an air heating pump, decentralised ventilators and a stove create an ambiance of sizzling romance and really fit the house owners' ideas.
The barrier-free Bowles Bungalow is a real gem, and of course, as is usual with Baufritz: 100 percent tested for harmful substances and allergy-friendly. A wonderful side effect of the healthy construction - the symptoms of those family members suffering from allergies disappeared after moving in.
This is truly healthy architecture! "

House data

Dimensions 15.66 m x 10.65 m
Living Space 1210 ft²