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Bauhaus Wiesenhütter

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Bauhaus Wiesenhütter

Esslingen | Germany
1/9 - exterior view
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Hans-Georg Stotz
Hans-Georg Stotz

"The simple cube clad horizontally in silver-grey wood panels shows with its clear lines and reduced choice of materials how beautiful uncompromising modernity can be. Health comfort, form and functionality have been perfectly brought together."


House data

External Dimensions 12.64 x 7.64 m
Living Space 1948 ft²

Additional information

BAUHAUS Wiesenhütter

An ecological Bauhaus, which joins the generations!

The family had been given a narrow plot of land with beautiful countryside views by grandparents.
Various restrictions however complicated the drawing up of plans. The house of the grandparents stands to the western border of the plot. The topography, the planning restrictions regarding position and height of the house and, most of all, the narrow plot made a sensible floor plan following the wishes of the family rather impossible.
We came up with the ingenious idea, that the future eco home be connected to the grandparents' house - in Bauhaus style – by a single storey link. Through this artful intervention more space became available to the eastern neighbour, as only one side needed to meet the strict spacing criteria now.
The simple cube with its clear lines and reduced material choice consciously sets a counterpoint to the style of the grandparent's house and by being linked sits easily as a standalone building, without dominating too much.
The three-storey architect designed home with its grand roof terrace opens up to the landscape in the south with floor-to-ceiling windows. By contrast the façade remains relatively closed to the north and east, using only a few openings.
The fourth floor, or "garden room", is not just a sanctuary, but much rather a viewing platform amidst the marvellous landscape. There, views stretch far, as in a similar way one can appreciate wonderful views from the balcony on the ground floor. The balcony is protected from onlookers by the link building.
And looking into the future, small changes will be able to alter the functionality of this modern Bauhaus into a home for several generations. – The possibility for a variable use of the floor plan and the spaces to withdraw make this home even more precious.