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Ticino | Switzerland
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Thomas Zoller
Interior Architect
Thomas Zoller
The client for the Bauhaus Ticino had specific wishes: a spacious, modern villa with swimming pool and a separate wing for the adult son or optionally for guests. The challenge for me as a designer was to create an ensemble of buildings that blends into the landscape and makes the most of the nearby mountains on the one hand, yet on the other hand accommodates the owner's wishes for privacy. The result is a luxury villa with stunning views to the mountains. There are several outdoor areas that invite you to soak up the sun and offer enough space for recreation in the fresh air.

House data

External Dimensions 43.60 x 16.76 m
Living Space 3800 ft²

Additional information

Bauhaus Design House ticino


Elegance in architecture, design and interior

Elegance has its own laws. It is the architecture drawing well-balanced lines, the classic colours, the well-formend proportions and the expansive living space, which bring elegance to mindupon first looking at the house. But when this impression sinks in, it then presents itself in different ways, depending on where you see the house's interior and exterior from.
The commanding ensemble is structured into three buildings (main house, secondary house and spa area) that stand in harmonious dialogue with each other and towards the atmospherically staged gardens and the dreamlike southern surroundings of Lake Maggiore. Open towards the garden and closed to the outside, it offers light and transparency in the interior as well as outdoor space protected from wind and view. Transparency, warmth and colour perfectly employed: The high-quality combination of materials include wood and glass façades, which reflect the landscape, decorated in silver, black and white.
Inside tall, open spaces emphasise the impression of generousness, but follow a clear structure: The focal point is the main building. Here, the free transition between the dining and living areas with their designed fireplace stand out. The westward-oriented outbuilding stands as an autonomous housing unit for guests and offers space for vehicles on the ground floor. An oasis of relaxation -  next to a private spa area with luxurious swimming pool, sauna and steam room is connected to the main building. Here, as in most areas, floor to ceiling glazing and sliding doors allow a view of nature. The entire quality interior reflects the personal style of the residents, while selected pieces of furniture and design objects set accents. Throughout the interior is dominated by warm tones. 
Outdoor space to relax and enjoy is offered by the landscaped gardens with magnificent terraces and box seats. These retreats are also ideal for entertaining guests, who can enjoy delicacies from the outdoor kitchen.
"Design for demanding people" built on a green foundation. The owners attach particular importance to an ecological, climate-friendly building design. In Baufritz they found the right partner. For every Baufritz house contains innovations, detailed solutions and patents that have been developed in collaboration with universities, polytechnics and innovative partners. Annually about 150 houses in all respects ecologically impeccable are erected with an elaborate health concept. This includes, for example, a so-called "Xund E protective cover", a proven effective measure against electromagnetic pollution, minimizing the risks of ever increasing loads. The vapour-permeable, organically valuable design, supported by a ventilation and shading system, regulates the indoor climate every day and every season. Minimum energy consumption is guaranteed in addition to the 35 cm thick wall construction and the groundwater heat pump, a 24 sqm solar power system supports the heat generation. A rainwater tank for 30,000 litres is used for garden irrigation and for the grey water harvesting system.
It could be termed a holistic "House Artwork" in a wooden construction, created as an expression of a discerning lifestyle that manages to be ecological allthesame.