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Modern Living

Freiburg | Germany
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Hans-Georg Stotz
Hans-Georg Stotz
"This architect-designed house is impressive not only on account of its modern Bauhaus style with classic flat roof, but especially because of its luxurious refinements, such as the large rooftop garden with adjoining penthouse studio. In seven rooms spread over three floors, the family has enough space to freely unfold. In addition, the energy-efficient house makes an active contribution to climate protection through its natural construction and savings of 50 tonnes of CO2."

House data

External Dimensions 13.89 x 10.14 m
Living Space 2530 ft²

Additional information

Bauhaus Modern Living


Bauhaus style with classic flat roof

This architecturally valuable rooftop garden house was planned according to the individual wishes of the family. It impresses not only by the modern Bauhaus style with classic flat roof, but especially with its luxurious refinements.

Studio with rooftop garden and views

The spacious rooftop garden, with its stunning views and the adjoining "penthouse studio" is a particular lightlight of the upper floor. Here too sits the spacious master bedroom suite, consisting of sleeping area, dressing area and ensuite bathroom. This floor also has two children's bedrooms, a guest room and a second bathroom. A romantic gallery, which extends to the south-west side as a large-area of glazing to the ground floor, connects the top to the ground floor. Here the completely open-plan living/dining/kitchen area has plenty of space and a unique atmosphere. Like the rooftop garden the south-west terrace with direct access from the living room offers a quiet location and plenty of room to relax and shifts - if desired - the living space to the outside.
While the building was designed on the one hand open to nature, it is almost completely closed to the north. Only single light bands break through the maintenance-free, natural façade.
Many of the triple glazed, maintenance-free windows have sliding shutters in elegant anthracite. This gentle touch of colour is also reflected in the design of the "penthouse" and garage. Here, the outer walls were designed with fibreboard, also in anthracite.

Architecture and Technology

The technical facts of the architectural highlights are also impressive. Exemplary are the eco-friendly wood pellet heating with wood pellet storage or the solar energy system on the roof. Comfortable heat is generated by underfloor heating in all rooms. Moreover, this KfW-60 house affords minimum energy costs and offers special climate features to the owners. Through the use of the wood shavings insulation recommended for construction, the stifling daytime heat in the Freiburg summer penetrates only after a delay of 14 hours to the upper floor - keeping temperatures comfortable in the sleeping quarters.
In addition, the energy-efficient house through its natural design and the saving of 50 tonnes of CO2 makes an active contribution to climate protection.