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Berkshire | England
Floor plan Basement
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Oliver Rehm
Oliver Rehm
"When it comes to downsizing and creating a living space which will see you through retirement, there is no need to compromise on quality and design. This is certainly the case with House Liming."

House data

External Dimensions 16.95 x 13.82 m
Living Space 3702 ft²

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Bauhaus Design Liming



The clients came to Baufritz with a clear design in mind. It had to be a modern Bauhaus style house, constructed and finished using the highest quality materials as well as having excellent energy efficiency credentials. The building needed to cater for reduced mobility often associated with older age.
The completed build adheres to the Bauhaus design principle of form follows function. According to this idea, simple but elegant geometric shapes are designed based on the intended function or purpose of the building. However the functionality needn't be boring as we can see from the stunning simplicity and aesthetic beauty of the completed house. A flat roofed contemporary Baufritz home, using a mixture of dark grey frames and white render, it sits comfortably in the beautiful rural surroundings.  Interconnecting modular elements create clear links between external and internal living spaces. A recurring theme with many of our clients is their love for the outdoors. A substantial south facing first floor balcony connects the bedrooms and leisure space with the grounds. From the ground floor a covered terraced directly connected to the extensive open plan living space, further emphasises this relationship while accommodating the constant fluctuations of British weather. Inclusion of Indian influenced Punkah-type ceiling fans provide natural ventilation for those long hot summer evenings on the veranda. The veranda leads on to soft white stone terraces surrounded by planted beds and completed with a wide white stone staircase leading to beautifully manicured lawns, and the white stone terraced swimming pool beyond.