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1/8 - exterior view
  • exterior view Chalet Style Home Teichert
  • exterior view Chalet Style Home Teichert
  • exterior view Chalet Style Home Teichert
  • interior view Chalet Style Home Teichert
  • kitchen Chalet Style Home Teichert
  • dining room Chalet Style Home Teichert
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Christian Hödl
Christian Hödl
"The Teichert house was built with Baufritz's usual holistic healthy building concept. We designed and implemented these 117m² of living space, with external dimensions of 10.6 x 7.4m, as a real-life, live-in wonderland. Now the owners have lots of room to breathe deeply, thanks to Baufritz."

House data

External Dimensions 10.56 x 7.44 m
Living Space 1259 ft² (DIN)

Additional information

Chalet Style Home teichert



Our 'healthy building' philosophy not only means minimising the primary and secondary energy costs (production and heating costs respectively), but is also holistic. It encompasses environmental protection, energy, health and sustainability as part of an individually tailored planning and construction process. At timber building experts Baufritz, we aim for an energy-efficient building, providing comfort you can feel: this detached house is a prime example.


The building's external appearance is characterised by straight lines, modern architecture and a harmonious mix of wood, extensive glazing and aluminium, with attention to architectural detail. Each house must fulfil the wishes of its future owners, and there are many design options to choose from, be it a balcony, wooden terrace or pergola. We only use materials free from pollutants – primarily timber, a quality, environmentally sound building material.
One of our unique features is the electrosmog protection shroud 'Xund-E', included in the overall price. What makes this eco-house a truly cosy home is its excellent thermal insulation. To top it all off, we employ quality interior fittings and refined design. Natural light floods the large rooms through large glazed areas, some of which reach the rafters: this brightens the mood in the living space. The ground floor is open plan, with kitchen, dining and living areas that flow seamlessly into one another. The upper floor accommodates two spacious bedrooms and a luxurious bathroom. One bedroom has a balcony, and measures almost 23m2; this can of course be split into two rooms.
The Teichert house helps improve the global climate, as it actively reduces CO2 emissions. This timber home locks in over 50 tonnes of CO2. That's equivalent to the emissions from a mid-class car travelling 10,000km a year for 20 years.