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Baufritz Development: Demagnetising Plant for Healthy Living Environments in Residential Buildings

In timber construction, steel beams are avoided, naturally. But sometimes they are needed for stability across large spans. Yet to enable a proper organic living environment for our customers, we have already invested in a pilot plant that repeals the health hazardous influence of steel beams.

These beams are often magnetised by the production process, during transport, etc. and act as a giant magnet. These artificial magnetic fields affect the Earth’s natural magnetic field. They also affect the people living or working inside buildings that use magnetized steel beams as electrical charges are generated in the body and interfere with our own magnetism, as well as our ability to orient ourselves. This then creates a reaction and can do serious damage to the health of the people. Living and sleeping with these artificial fields can affect brain waves and hormone balances to those who are sensitive.

The steel beams get processed in our in-house demagnetizing system. It works by creating a strong, alternating magnetic field, which resolves the pole formation in the steel beams and demagnetizes it.

Thanks to this innovative development, steel can still allow for a proper bio-health environment in your new Baufritz house!